It’s safe to say that growing toddlers are excited about everything (well, aside from bedtime). And as they continue exploring the world around them, they’re ready to get their hands on everything.

Finding toys that keep your little ones occupied, while making it easy and fun for them to learn through play is huge—and will save you from the inevitable, “Stop! Don’t touch that” pleas.

Enter LEGO® DUPLO®. With toddler learning toys designed for different ages and stages that foster emotional and intelligence development, we’ve found three you’ll want to get immediately. Especially as you see your toddler pointing to show you something interesting, copying some of your basic actions, using more words (get used to “No!”), and mastering hand-eye coordination skills.

These LEGO DUPLO building sets offer a range of benefits that encourage new milestones and a love of learning:

1. Brick Box

Kick off your kiddo’s epic LEGO DUPLO collection with this versatile build-and-play set, which includes 65 toddler-friendly bricks and its own storage box (a win-win). Simple instructions provide guidance on how to build models like houses and trees, but the possibilities are endless. So, find a comfy spot on the carpet and start creating!

Not only is building together a great bonding experience, but kids will feel proud of themselves as they master clicking LEGO DUPLO bricks together. Some bricks are labeled with the numbers 1, 2, and 3, which help introduce numbers. Ask your tot to pass you the “blue brick” or the “number 2 brick” to practice naming numbers and colors. This is a great beginner set to start a lifetime of LEGO® DUPLO® love!

Buy the Brick Box now for $29.99

2. Learn-to-Count Number Train

All aboard! Build fine motor skills with this push-along Learn-to-Count Number Train that makes learning to count an adventure. The LEGO DUPLO set features a movable train with 10 colored number bricks, two figures, and accessories for the ultimate (playroom) journey. Figures can easily fit inside the train (giving your baby’s hand-eye coordination a boost).

Since children around 18 months old are hard at work mastering how to maneuver objects between their thumb and index finger, this train set helps improve those budding skills. A boy, girl, and a dog are excellent main characters for all the fascinating stories that you and your child will dream up together. Pro tip: anything with wheels is usually a crowd-pleaser among the toddler crew.

Buy the Learn-to-Count Number Train now for $19.99

3. Buildable People with Big Emotions

Parents of toddlers are no strangers to big emotions. This set of large figures (which are the perfect size for little hands to maneuver!) helps kids see themselves in their toy collection! They’ll have a blast arranging and rearranging the LEGO® DUPLO® bricks to build diverse toy characters.

Aside from all the matching and sorting fun, these figures help kiddos make sense of their world, while strengthening important social-emotional, cognitive, and language skills. Faces feature a range of expressions, so kids can understand their feelings and imagine scenarios for open-ended play. Better yet, you can show them how a successful “bedtime routine” is done with their pretend friends! That’s role play at its finest.

Buy the Buildable People with Big Emotions now for $49.99

Designed to adapt to your child’s developmental milestones, each of these
LEGO® DUPLO® construction sets are perfect tools for learning and growing—and it doesn’t hurt that they’ll keep your tots entertained for quite some time. Discover more toddler learning toys on the LEGO DUPLO site to grow your child’s collection!

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